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It wasn't completely unexpected when the Vulcan High Command requested that a Vulcan science officer be assigned to Earth's first warp capable ship. It wasn't unexpected that T'Pol received the assignment, as capable as she had proven herself to be in the short span of her career. There were few public blemishes on her record, and her assignment seemed ideal. No one expected that she would come to prefer a commission with Starfleet over the High Command - including herself. How unlikely was it that she would come to prefer existing with the humans she served with over returning to her home planet? How unlikely that she'd com to care for a member of that crew far more than either of them could have imagined?

T'Pol's emotions have always been close to the surface. She has always felt, and felt deeply. But she has always been Vulcan, to her core, and though her loyalties may be occasionally divided, she has no doubts about herself and her duties.

Not knowing she's half-Romulan certainly makes that easier.

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T'Pol is played in several different verses, and at a couple games.

[community profile] lastvoyages T'Pol has spent ten years serving aboard Earth's first warp-five ship, the Enterprise NX-01. She has learned a good deal about herself over that decade - including her Romulan heritage, though that remains her most closely guarded secret - and has started to grow comfortable with the balance between her emotions and her control, damaged though it's been. On the way back to Earth for the signing of the Coalition of United Planets and for Enterprise's decommissioning, however, Trip Tucker was killed. He has always been where the line blurs for T'Pol; emotion and control confuse themselves where Trip is involved. And when given the chance to bring him back without doing any damage to the time stream, T'Pol sets aside her promising career as an ambassador to serve on another ship; a barge, full of lost souls.

Mirror!Verse Not your mother's mirror!verse. Played through various stages of the episodes: T'Pol is a Lieutenant Commander on the Enterprise. In this time, Vulcans - along with all other aliens - are treated as second class citizens. Vulcans especially are regarded as little more than slaves, given that they were the first to fall to the Terran Empire. She is self-serving, and always has one eye open for her own self-preservation - the other for the salvation of her people. She may appear loyal to Captain Forrest, she may appear loyal to Captain Archer, but her only true loyalty is to herself. Her ambition doesn't lie in the captain's chair, it lies in her glimpses of another universe - and something called the Federation...

and when not to.

--T'Pol becomes an ambassador after a ten year mission on the NX-01.

--She's a pretty big deal for being a Vulcan so involved with humanity.

--Buildings at the Academy are named after the crew; there's a Mayweather Building, a Tucker Systematics Center, an Archer Hall, etc.

--T'Pol's spoken on occasion at the Academy; she'll live well into the year 2290, so characters in the area may have met her.
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